Children's Univeristy

Working with our client, Digital Connextions - a multi-tenancy platform & mobile application for gamification of learning experiences for children & parents

Businnes Transformation

Replacement of paper based 'Children's University Passport' system.

Children log activities which are awarded skills badges and credits - contributing to the achievement of Children's University Diplomas

Information portal for local activity organisers such as libraries, sports, museums & science centres

Huge reduction in administrative staff time, printing & distribution costs for 8000+ subscribers

Consolidated application process for activity providers

Businnes Transformation

Gamified Incentives & Push Notifications

Peer to peer ratings & recommendations

Encourages engagement with learning experiences in the community for 4 to 12 year olds

Introduces self-management of learning at an early age

Encourages parents to get involved in planning learning activities with kids

Distribution of news & information to partner organisations


The Smarts

HTML5 responsive Web App

Mobile App wrapper for in-App notifications

UI/UX optimised to engage chlidren with graphically rich content

Gamification awards to encourage desirable behaviours